An excellent retrospective, cross-sectional data is presented

An excellent retrospective, cross-sectional data is presented

Study Range

The info throughout the Colombian national births registry, corresponds to the brand new live births took place Colombia anywhere between , from which the great majority took place 1563 fitness place .

Use of studies are available with brand new DANE (phrase during the Foreign-language to possess Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadistica-National Administrative Company regarding Analytics). Generally speaking, Colombian?s vital statistics investigation put details occupied from the health specialists that assemble guidance out of an essential private patient regarding the organization where the beginning is actually went to. The form need to be recorded for each newborn. In the nation height, the estimation off below-revealing commission are reasonable, since most (98%) of shipments took place fitness establishment .

Details Meaning

We created the fundamental coverage varying named “mother?s resource”, obtained from the initial changeable “country out-of chronic home said into the mother”. So it variable is actually classified from the countries; in cases like this, “Colombia” and you may “Venezuela” was basically the most widespread answers. I believed brand new migration status is actually effectively outlined through this changeable, as it is possible that brand new expectant mothers had their house for the Venezuela, and you may transferred to Colombia for the new work and birth desire.

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